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jillianinvegas-deactivated20111 asked:

You mentioned you had lots of resources that could help us.
Please help. I will take whatever resources you have available. Not only for me, but my wife. Thank you Dani

Okay, here comes resources :P

The first one is an online support chat for everyone that falls under transgender or gender variant categories as well as friends, family, and significant others.  They offer sucide prevention as well as weekly meetings for pretty much every group of people (MTF meetings are Monday and Saturday at 9pm EST):

The same site also has a large selection of resources that the owner has gathered over time.  The main list is here:

They also have a forum on the site as well.

My next resource is which is a great read for anyone trying to understand more about what it’s like to be us.  It puts things in perspective in a way that I have now adopted into the way I explain my situation to others, since… its just damn good at it.  It covers all the basics and is in my opinion an essential read for anyone who knows someone who’s trans.  They also have a links section with even more resources.

And last (for now) is a list of resources for family/spouses on another site which is also pretty good in general.  If you scroll to the last section of links, you’ll see the ones for spouses.

If you’re looking for any specific info let me know and I can track it down for ya :P  I have all kinds of other stuff on hand…  Even things on anxiety and alternatives to self harm…  Everything.

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